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Design is a lot to do with context and use case one is planning to solve. Every business may not be solving the same problem but most of the modern design is derived from the interface we are using it on and the operating system that is running it.

When apple went flat design with it’s iOS , the app ecosystem went flat as well. The the turn of Material design from google shifted a few into its direction. There is a good reason why designers and product managers follow this approach in executing this demand. People interact with OS way more than just one app. It is a wise decision to use the principles that are encapsulated in your OS to be evident in your application for people to feel familiar and easy to use. This approach is reliable and efficient for defining consumer centric application but may not be right approach when it comes to business applications.

In B2B you have customers who are power users right from the start. The purpose of the app is to aid in this functioning. Intricacies of each app can vary from helping plan, executing, finding a new channel to source deals or help them managing their business. Yet , in the end it always comes down to them being a pro business user who is co-opting the app to make their business even better. Then the exception from the application should match their knowledge not the other way around.

The pre-requisite we emphasised while designing our application is to match a Buyer’s expectation for procuring produce from a remote location where their physical presence is not required. We also chose to go platform agnostic , there are trade-off made but these trade-offs are made with the focus of matching user expectation rather than matching design expectation.

In the near future , there will be a flurry of posts coming your way defining the entire bouquet of decisions and designs we have undertaken in the app.

Why do we want to do this?

Design is crucial and in our company it is led right from the top. We want design to be a core tenet that helps our buyers procure produce from its sourcing region in a manner of maximum choice. In order to achieve this goal, we have assumed few decisions, derived few choices and implemented our design. So, this blog chain will cover those topics.


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