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Buy graded produce to sell more produce

Buy graded produce according to your customer’s needs. We at Subjimandi, procure graded produce from production regions and deliver to you.

Note: We have paused our trade operations.

production and consumption regions where we are available - Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Sholapur, Nasik and Anantapur

What does Subjimandi do

Procure, process and deliver

Procure produce from production regions across grades and sub-variety.

Process produce with proper packaging for movement

Deliver produce to your preferred address

How to buy produce

Select your produce

Select a sub-variety of the produce from different production regions that suit your customers choice.

Choose for utility

Choose a bundle of grade and size that your customers will buy from you.

Provide your order details

Enter the quantity you need and the location where you want the delivery .

Generate your Rate quote

Personalised rate quote immediately contains produce price, delivery cost and delivery date

Confirm Order

Accept the Rate quote to confirm order. You could also decline, if it is not suitable to your needs.

Find buyers for your produce

Sell to actual buyers at consumption regions

Subjimandi will find you buyers at consumptions regions for your graded produce. Provide you the rate that the buyers are willing to pay. We will ensure the logistics takes place hassle free.

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Our working hours is between 7am - 6pm on all days.


Phone Number

+91 7075072743

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